Upon application for a use not specifically listed in the use classifications of that district, a similar main use may be determined by the Commission, which is in compliance with the following standards:
(a)   The use does not create dangers to health and safety, and does not create offensive noise, vibration, dust, heat, smoke, odor, glare, or other objectionable influences to an extent greater than normally resulting from other uses listed in the classification to which it is to be added;
(b)   The use does not create traffic to a greater extent than other uses listed in the classification to which is to be added;
(c)   In addition to the above general standards, appropriate specific safeguards, applying to a particular application, may also be specified in the permit;
(d)   The Planning Commission may revoke the similar main use permit if the property is not maintained in the manner that would conform to the required standards.
      (Ord. 03-071.  Passed 3-10-03.)