(a)   Application for building permits and zoning clearance and accompanying drawings shall be submitted to the Division of Building and Division of Planning.  The applications and accompanying materials shall be submitted to the Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals when required by this and other City codes.
   (b)   Within forty-five (45) days after a completed application is submitted, except in cases where prior approval of the Commission is required, a decision shall be made by the Division of Planning.  If the application and all accompanying documents comply with this Zoning Code and other codes of the City, zoning clearance shall be issued.
   (c)   If the Division of Planning, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, or the Division of Building does not recommend approval of the application, they shall suggest changes in the drawings as may be necessary to accomplish the purpose of this Zoning Code.  In such instances, conferences with applicants may be held.
(Ord. 03-071.  Passed 3-10-03.)