1105.03  INTENT.
   This Zoning Code is intended, among other purposes:
(a)   To protect the character and values of residential, business, commercial, manufacturing, institutional, and public uses, and to insure their orderly and beneficial development;
(b)   To provide adequate open spaces for light and air; to prevent overcrowding of the land; to prevent excessive concentration of population; and, on the other hand, to prevent sparse and uncoordinated development;
(c)   To locate buildings and uses in relation to streets, according to City plans, in a way that will cause the least interference with, and be damaged least by traffic movements, and will lessen street congestion and improve public safety;
(d)   To establish zoning patterns that insure economical extensions for sewers, water supply, and other public utilities as well as developments for recreation, schools, and other public facilities;
(e)   To guide the future development of the City so as to bring about the gradual conformity of land and building uses in accordance with a comprehensive plan;
(f)   To accomplish the intents and goals set forth in the introduction to the respective districts or groups of districts.
      (Ord. 03-071.  Passed 3-10-03.)