(a)   The Police Chief may hold other administrative positions in the city.
   (b)   The number of regular and special policemen shall be determined bythe City Council.  Each such policeman shall be appointed and removed by the Mayor, except as the Mayor may delegate the appointive and removal power to the Police Chief.  Special policemen shall have the powers vested in the regular city policemen.  Such special policemen shall, however, serve only when and as specifically required by the Police Chief, and shall function only under the direction of the Police Chief.  They shall assist the Police Chief whenever called upon and whenever so called shall be compensated for services rendered, as the City Council may determine.  No special policeman shall be on duty as a special policeman at any time or place without being ordered to do so by the Police Chief, and no special policeman shall be paid for police services directly by any person other that the appropriate city official.
   (c)   Duties of the Police Chief.  The Police Chief shall be the commanding officer of the police force.  He shall:
      (1)   Be responsible for the enforcement of law and order.
      (2)   Direct the police training and police work of the city.
      (3)   Arrange for the attendance of one or more police officer at every fire, to preserve order and prevent theft and destruction.
      (4)   Cause the streets and alleys of the city to be inspected regularly, and cause to be removed all nuisances, obstructions or impediments therein, causing offenders to be prosecuted when necessary to abate such nuisances.
      (5)   Cause to be observed, and reported immediately to the City Engineer, all defects and want or repair in streets and sidewalks, and all defective street lights.
      (6)   Receive and deliver all notices and papers to members of the City Council and to the City Clerk and officers appointed by either, when requested by the City Clerk, and make due return thereof.
      (7)   Be responsible for the maintenance and care of all property used by the Police Department.
      (8)   Investigate, cause to be investigated, the cause and circumstances of any accident occurring for which the city may be liable; instruct all police officers to report to him such accidents; and notify the City Clerk promptly of all such accidents.  Whenever the attention of any police officer shall in any manner have been called to any accident for which the city may be liable, it shall be the duty of such police officer forthwith to communicate such facts and information as he may have, to the Police Chief.
      (9)   Investigate promptly, all applicants for any license or permit when such application requires certification by the Police Chief,  and either deliver promptly to the City Clerk a certificate approving such license or permit, or promptly advise the City Clerk of his refusal to so certify.
      (10)    If the city owns or operates a city jail, maintain and staff the city jail and be responsible for the prisoners.
      (11)    Daily, except Sundays and holidays, turn over to the City Clerk all bail deposits, fines, impounding and towing and storage fees, other fees and all monies received by the department, subject to such rules as may be prescribed by the Mayor.
      (12)    Perform such other duties as shall be required by him by the City Council.
(Am. Ord. 93-10, passed 6-4-93; Am. Ord. 98-02, passed 2-10-98)