(a)   The Harbormaster is authorized to impound a boat under any of the following circumstances:
      (1)   The boat or property is within the harbor and is a derelict or a nuisance as defined in this Title;
      (2)   The fees for which the city has a lien on the boat or property are delinquent;
      (3)   The boat or property is located in the harbor and has failed to comply with the registration provisions of this Title or is in violation of other provisions of this Title, a regulation of the harbor, or a state or federal law;
      (4)   The owner, operator, master or managing agent is not aboard the boat and the boat is not properly identified by a name and/or number;
      (5)   If left unattended upon a waterway in or about the boat harbor facilities in such a manner as to constitute an obstruction to harbor traffic;
      (6)   If so disabled as to constitute an obstruction to harbor traffic and the boat owner is by reason of physical injury or other incapacity unable to provide for its custody and removal;
      (7)   If moored in a reserved mooring space to which it is not assigned on an temporary or annual basis and after an attempt to contact the boat owner and the owner of the boat assigned the reserved mooring space has been made; or
      (8)   If moored in a loading area for a period longer than the posted period or the period otherwise permitted by the Harbormaster.
   (b)   Property may be impounded when it is left unattended anywhere in the boat harbor facilities without authorization from the Harbormaster, when fees for storing the property are delinquent and/or when the property has been or appears to be abandoned.
(Ord. 2011-05, passed 6-14-11)