5.10.330 Operating Requirements for Retailer Facilities; Delivery
   (a)   No more than the number of retailers adopted by resolution may operate within the City of San Bernardino at any one time and no more than that number adopted by resolution shall be issued a permit by the City of San Bernardino to operate a retailer at one time. Both retailers offering storefront purchase (customers purchase and obtain cannabis onsite) and retailers offering delivery only shall be permitted. Each shall be required to maintain a physical location from which commercial cannabis activities are conducted that are permitted under this Chapter.
   (b)   Retailers may only deliver to customers within a county or city that does not expressly prohibit delivery by ordinance. Retailers may only deliver to customers within the City of San Bernardino after obtaining a commercial cannabis business permit issued under the Chapter. Security plans developed pursuant to this chapter shall include provisions relating to vehicle security and the protection of employees and product during loading and in transit.
   (c)   M-licensee retailers must verify the age and all necessary documentation of each customer to ensure the customer is not under the age of eighteen (18) years and that the potential customer has a valid doctor's recommendation. A-licensee retailers must verify the age of customers to ensure persons under the age of twenty-one (21) are not permitted.
   (d)   Entrances into the retailer shall be locked at all times with entry strictly controlled. A "buzz-in" electronic/mechanical entry system shall be utilized to limit access to and entry to the retailer to separate it from the reception/lobby area.
   (e)   Uniformed licensed security personnel shall be employed to monitor site activity, control loitering and site access, and to serve as a visual deterrent to unlawful activities.
   (f)   Retailers may have only that quantity of cannabis and cannabis products reasonably anticipated to meet the daily demand readily available for sale on-site in the publically accessible retail sales area of the retailer.
   (g)   All restroom facilities shall remain locked and under the control of management.
(Ord. MC-1503, 9-05-18; Ord. MC-1464, 3-07-18)