§ 84.17.090  Conversion of Nonconforming Retail Land Use to Nonconforming Restaurant Land Use in the Mountain Region Only.
   A legal nonconforming retail land use may be converted to a legal nonconforming restaurant land use, as defined in this Code, and shall be considered a continuation of the legal nonconforming retail land use, provided that:
   (a)   Prior to such conversion, the square footage or footprint of the existing retail space is not expanded for purposes of the proposed restaurant.
   (b)   The restaurant cannot expand its square footage or footprint. The restaurant may use any patio or other outside area previously used in the course of conducting the legal non-conforming retail use.
   (c)   The square footage of the restaurant use shall in no event exceed 5,000 square feet.
   (d)   The restaurant use shall not permit entertainment.
   (e)   The restaurant use shall not serve alcoholic beverages, except with a meal.
(Ord. 4161, passed - -2011)