§ 84.29.070  Decommissioning Requirements.
   (a)   Closure Plan. Following the operational life of the project, the project owner shall perform site closure activities to meet federal, state, and local requirements for the rehabilitation and revegetation of the project site after decommissioning.  The project owner shall prepare a Closure, Revegetation, and Rehabilitation Plan and submit it to the Planning Division for review and approval prior to building permit issuance.  Under this plan, all aboveground structures and facilities shall be removed to a depth of three feet below grade, and removed offsite for recycling or disposal.  Concrete, piping, and other materials existing below three feet in depth may be left in place.  Areas that had been graded shall be restored to original contours unless it can be shown that there is a community benefit for the grading to remain as altered.  Succulent plant species native to the area shall be salvaged prior to construction, transplanted into windrows, and maintained for later transplanting following decommissioning.  Shrubs and other plant species shall be revegetated by the collection of seeds and re-seeding following decommissioning.
   (b)   Compliance with Other Requirements.
      (1)   Project decommissioning shall be performed in accordance with all other plans, permits, and mitigation measures that would assure the project conforms to applicable requirements and would avoid significant adverse impacts.  These plans include the following as applicable:
         (A)   Water Quality Management Plan.
         (B)   Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.
         (C)   Drainage Report.
         (D)   Notice of Intent and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.
         (E)   Air Quality Permits.
         (F)   Biological Resources Report.
         (G)   Incidental Take Permit, Section 2081 of the Fish and Game Code.
         (H)   Cultural Records Report.
      (2)   The County may require a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment be performed at the end of decommissioning to verify site conditions.
(Ord. 4156, passed - -2011)