§ 83.10.010  Purpose.
   The purpose of this Chapter is to:
   (a)   Enhance the aesthetic appearance of the County by providing standards related to the quality and functional aspects of landscaping and to recognize that landscapes are essential to the quality of life within the County by providing areas for active and passive recreation. Additionally, landscapes are an enhancement to the environment by benefitting air and water quality, helping to prevent and manage erosion, offering fire protection, and helping to replace valuable ecosystems that may be lost during development.
   (b)   Increase the compatibility between abutting land uses and public rights-of-way by providing landscape screening and buffers.
   (c)   Protect public health, safety, and welfare by preserving property values and enhancing pedestrian and vehicular traffic and safety.
   (d)   Provide for the conservation and protection of water resources through the efficient use of water; appropriate use of plant materials suitable for climate and location; regular maintenance of landscaped areas; and provide standards that are as effective in conserving water as the State Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance, and recognize the following:
      (1)   The waters of the State of California are of limited supply and are subject to ever increasing demands from new land uses, existing land uses, residents of the State, and more;
      (2)   The continuation of the economic prosperity of the State and the County is dependent upon the availability of adequate water supplies for the future and future development.
   (e)   Retain the land’s hydrological role within the County’s three main watersheds; Santa Ana, Lahontan, and Colorado and promote the infiltration of surface water into the groundwater tables.
   (f)   Preserve existing natural vegetation, while incorporating the use of native plants, plant communities, and ecosystems into landscaping design, where possible.
   (g)   Establish effective coordination with neighboring and local agencies, which promote benefits of consistent landscape ordinances and standards in accomplishing the common goal of managing the County’s water supply and quality.
   (h)   Promote the conservation of potable water by utilizing recycled water and other water conserving technology, where possible.
   (i)   Promote public education about water conservation and efficient water management.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4136, passed - -2011; Am. Ord. 4245, passed - -2014)