§ 85.11.030  Erosion Control Plan and Inspection Required.
   (a)   No Land Disturbance or Construction Activity without Prior Approval.  No person except as provided in this Chapter, shall commence with a disturbance of land (e.g., grading or land clearing) or construction activity that has that potential to cause erosion without first obtaining approval of erosion control measures to ensure that erosion would not reasonably be expected to occur.  Best Management Practices (BMPs) shall be implemented at all land disturbance sites, regardless of the area of disturbance.
   (b)   Inspections Required.  Site inspections shall be conducted as needed to verify compliance with this Chapter. Project proponents must also recognize that their project is subject to inspection by the Public Works Department, Environmental Management Division, and Regional Water Quality Control Board staff as part of their General Construction Permit obligations.
   (c)   Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.  Projects disturbing more than one acre are also required to have coverage under the State General Construction Permit issued by the State Water Resources Control Board and develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).  The property owner is required to abide by all provisions of the State General Construction Permit and obtain a Waste Discharge Identification (WDID) number prior to the issuance of building or grading permits when the disturbance is more than one acre.
   (d)   Review Requirements of Plan.  The Building Official, with the concurrence of the Planning Division and the Land Development Division, when appropriate, shall review the plan and determine that the proposed erosion control measures will be adequate and whether or not an erosion control permit is specifically required.
   (e)   Maintenance of Features.  The required features of the approved Erosion Control Plan shall be implemented during the land disturbing activity and maintained thereafter in accordance with the approved plan.
(Ord. 4085, passed - -2009; Am. Ord. 4333, passed - -2017)