§ 810.01.240  Definitions, V.
   (a)   VALLEY REGION.  The unincorporated area of the southwest portion of San Bernardino County lying south and west of the Mountain Region as herein defined.
   (b)   VARIANCE.  A process for County consideration of requests to modify certain standards of this Development Code when, because of special circumstances applicable to the property, including location, shape, size, surroundings, topography, or other physical features, the strict application of the development standards otherwise applicable to the property denies the property owner privileges enjoyed by other property owners in the vicinity and in the same land use zoning district.
   (d)   VEHICLE SERVICES.  (See Land Use Tables.) The repair, servicing, alteration, restoration, towing, painting, cleaning, or finishing of automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles, boats and other vehicles as a primary use, including the incidental wholesale and retail sale of vehicle parts as an accessory use. This use includes the following categories.
      (1)   MAJOR REPAIR/BODY WORK.  These establishments include towing, collision repair, other body work, and painting services; tire recapping; truck maintenance.
      (2)   MINOR MAINTENANCE/REPAIR.  Minor facilities providing limited repair and maintenance services. Examples include: minor auto repair with no exterior overnight storage of vehicles; muffler and radiator shops; quick-lube services; tire and battery sales and installation (not including recapping).
      Does not include automobile parking (see PARKING FACILITIES), repair shops that are part of a vehicle dealership on the same site (see AUTO AND VEHICLE SALES AND RENTAL and MOBILE HOME, RV, AND BOAT SALES AND RENTAL); gas stations, which are separately defined; or dismantling yards, which are included under RECYCLING - SCRAP AND DISMANTLING YARDS.
   (f)   VEHICLES, OPERATIVE.  A new or used vehicle that is self propelled or capable of being self-propelled with the installation of minor parts (e.g. batteries, tires, plugs).
   (g)   VESTED RIGHT (MINING AND RECLAMATION).  See Surface Mining Operations.
   (h)   VESTING TENTATIVE MAP.  A tentative map for a residential subdivision, as defined in the County Code, that shall have printed conspicuously on its face the words VESTING TENTATIVE MAP.
   (j)   VETERINARY CLINIC, ANIMAL HOSPITAL.  (See Land Use Tables.) Office and indoor medical treatment facilities used by veterinarians, including large and small animal veterinary clinics, and animal hospitals. See also KENNEL.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4043, passed - -2008)