§ 810.01.230  Definitions, U.
   (a)   U-PICK FARM AND/OR ORCHARD.  (See Land Use Tables.)  A farm and/or orchard where customers personally harvest fruit, vegetables, flowers, or herbs. A variety of activities in addition to fruit/vegetable picking may be offered (e.g., pet farms, hayrides, puppet shows, etc.). Restroom facilities may or may not be offered. U-pick farms may also operate a produce stand selling the produce grown on the farm, along with other value-added products (e.g., home-made pies, preserves, cider, candies, etc.).
   (b)   UNINCORPORATED COMMUNITIES.  A definable urban area that is not legally a city, but has the physical characteristics of one. An unincorporated community does not have independent jurisdiction for land use planning within its boundaries.
   (c)   URBAN SERVICES.  The provision of water, gas, electricity, schools, recreational facilities, fire and police protection, waste disposal, circulation and other services that are necessary for high intensity uses.
   (d)   USE.  The purpose for which the land or a building is arranged, designed or intended, or for which either land or a building is or may be occupied or maintained. A primary, principal or main use is the use that occupies the majority of the subject land, a building, business production or activity as opposed to an accessary use. See Accessary use.
   (e)   UTILITY FACILITY.  (See Land Use Tables.) A fixed base structure or facility serving as a junction point for transferring electric utility services from one transmission voltage to another or to local distribution and service voltages, and similar facilities for water supply and natural gas distribution. These uses include any of the following facilities that are not exempted from County permit requirements by Government Code § 53091:
electrical substations and switching stations
natural gas regulating and distribution facilities
public water system wells, treatment plants and storage, water tanks
pumping plants
telephone switching facilities
utility corporation and maintenance yards
      These uses do not include office or customer service centers (classified in OFFICES). See also PIPELINES, TRANSMISSION LINES.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)