§ 810.01.160  Definitions, N.
   (a)   NATIONAL FOREST LANDS.  Lands under the jurisdiction of U.S. Forest Service and within the boundaries of the San Bernardino and Angeles National Forests.
   (c)   NATIVE VEGETATIVE SPECIES.  All plant species indigenous to the State of California and compatible to the climate and elevation of the area to be landscaped.
   (d)   NATURAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT.  (See Land Use Tables.) The development and extraction of mineral deposits, natural vegetation and energy sources, together with the necessary incidental buildings, apparatus or appurtenances.
   (e)   NATURAL HAZARDS.  Any one or combination of naturally occurring phenomena (e.g., earthquakes, forest and brush fires, landslides, mudslides, etc.) that pose a potential threat to the man- made environment.
   (f)   NATURE PRESERVE.  An area of land maintained in its natural state for the preservation of habitat or other natural resources.
   (h)   NIGHT CLUB.  (See Land Use Tables.) A facility with the primary function of providing entertainment, examples of which include live music and/or dancing, comedy, etc., which may serve alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption. Does not include adult entertainment businesses, which are separately defined.
   (j)   NOISE CONTOUR.  A mapped line connecting points where the same sound pressure level prevails. Contours form bands of width emanating from a noise source, and approximate true ambient noise levels.
   (k)   NON-ACCESS.  See ACCESS.
   (l)   NONCONFORMING or NONCONFORMING USE.  Any building, structure or portion thereof, or use of building or land that does not conform to the regulations of the San Bernardino County Code or applicable specific plan and that lawfully existed at the time the regulations, or an amendment thereto, with which it does not conform became effective.
   (n)   NOTICE.  A method of conveying information pertaining to a pending land use decision that may affect members of the public.
   (o)   NURSERIES (RETAIL). (See Land Use Tables.) The retail handling of any article, substance, or commodity related to the planting, maintenance, or harvesting of garden plants, shrubs, trees, packaged fertilizers, soils, chemicals, or other nursery goods and related products in small quantities to the consumer.
   (p)   NURSERIES (WHOLESALE).  (See Land Use Tables.)  The growing, storage, and sale of garden plants, shrubs, trees, or vines for resale, including incidental retail sales conducted from within a building not exceeding 20 percent of the combined wholesale and retail sales volume during any year.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4189, passed - -2012)