§ 810.01.090  Definitions, G.
   (a)   GARAGE, PRIVATE.  An accessory building or an accessory portion of the main building designed and/or used for the shelter or storage of motor vehicles belonging to the occupants of the main building.
   (b)   GARAGE, PUBLIC.  Any building, other than a private or storage garage, used for the storage, care or repair of motor vehicles and where any vehicles are equipped for operation or kept for hire or sale.
   (c)   GARAGE, STORAGE.  Any building, other than a public or private garage, used exclusively for the storage of motor vehicles.
   (d)   GENERAL PLAN.  The San Bernardino County General Plan, including all elements, adopted in compliance with Government Code, Title 7, Division 1, Chapter 3.
   (e)   GENERAL RETAIL.  (See Land Use Tables.)  Stores and shops selling many lines of merchandise. Examples of these stores and lines of merchandise include:
antique stores
florists and houseplant stores (indoor sales only (outdoor sales are “Building and Landscape Materials Sales”)
art galleries, retail
furniture, furnishings, appliances
art supplies, including framing services
hobby materials
auto parts sales with no installation services
luggage and leather goods
books, magazines, and newspapers
musical instruments (small), parts and accessories (large instruments are under “Furniture, Furnishings, and Appliance Store”)
cameras and photographic supplies
orthopedic supplies
clothing, shoes, and accessories
small wares
collectibles (cards, coins, comics, stamps, etc.)
specialty shops
consumer electronics
sporting goods and equipment
department stores
drug stores and pharmacies
toys and games
dry goods
variety stores
fabrics and sewing supplies
videos, DVDs, records, CDs, including rental stores
farm supply and feed stores
      Does not include adult-oriented businesses or second hand stores, which are separately defined.
   (h)   GOALS.  General statements that describe a desired end state toward which effort should be directed.
   (i)   GOLF COURSE.  Golf courses, and accessory facilities and uses including: clubhouses with bar and restaurant, locker and shower facilities; driving ranges; “pro shops” for on-site sales of golfing equipment; and golf cart storage and sales facilities.
   (j)   GOVERNMENT CODE.  The State of California Government Code.
   (l)   GRADING.  Excavating, filling, leveling or smoothing, or combination thereof, for which a grading permit is required by the California Building Code. MAJOR GRADING is grading in excess of 100 cubic yards, whereas MINOR GRADING is 100 cubic yards or less.
   (m)   GRADING PROVISIONS.  One or more standards in the San Bernardino County Grading Ordinance.
   (n)   GROCERIES, SPECIALTY FOODS. (See Land Use Tables.)  A retail business where the majority of the floor area open to the public is occupied by food products packaged for preparation and consumption away from the store. Includes retail bakeries, where any on-site baking is only for on-site sales.
   (o)   GROUND SHAKING LEVELS.  The physical movement of the land surface due to earthquakes, the extent of which is dependent upon the magnitude of the tremor, the subsurface material of the area, and the proximity to the epicenter of the quake. GROUND SHAKING LEVELS may be measured on the Modified Mercali Intensity Scale.
   (p)   GROUP RESIDENTIAL.   (See Land Use Tables.)  Shared living quarters, occupied by two or more persons not living together as a single housekeeping unit (see SINGLE HOUSEKEEPING UNIT ). Includes, without limitation, boarding or rooming houses (see BOARDING HOUSE ), dormitories, fraternities, sororities and private residential clubs. Excludes residential care facilities (see RESIDENTIAL CARE FACILITY ).
   (q)   GROWTH MONITORING.   A process that follows the amount and rate of population growth within a city or other specified area. It normally involves some estimation of population growth for small areas through the analysis of development applications (zone changes, subdivisions, etc.) from submittal, through review, to final approval and issuance of building permits.
   (r)   GUEST HOUSE.   (See Land Use Tables.)  Residential occupancy of a living unit, with bathroom plumbing only, separated from the primary dwelling by at least ten feet, and located on the same parcel as the primary dwelling on a contiguous parcel in the same ownership. This unit is for use by the occupants or temporary guests of the occupants of the premises and is not rented or otherwise used as a separate dwelling, except when approved as a Dependent Unit.
   (s)   GUEST ROOM.   A room that is designed for or used by one or more guests for sleeping purposes, but in which no provision is made for cooking.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4098, passed - -2010; Am. Ord. 4230, passed - -2014)