§ 89.03.080  Refunds.
   (a)   Refund of Unexpended or Uncommitted Fees.  Commencing on the seventh year after impositions of a fee for a Local Area Transportation Facilities Plan and annually thereafter, the Board shall hold a hearing with respect to any portion of the fee remaining unexpended or uncommitted five or more years, and shall refund to the then owners of parcels or units in development projects within the plan areas on a prorata basis any unexpended or uncommitted fees plus interest accrued thereon, for which the Board is unable to demonstrate a reasonable relationship between the need for the fee and the purpose for which it was charged.  Refunds shall be made in compliance with Government Code § 66001.
   (b)   Refund of Surplus Monies.  After completion of facilities and the payment of all claims from any Local Transportation Facilities Fund, the Board shall determine by resolution or other legislative action the amount of the surplus monies, if any, remaining in any of these funds.  Any surplus shall be refunded in compliance with Government Code § 66001.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)