§ 89.01.030  Fee Collection and Accounting.
   (a)   Deposit of Drainage Fees.  Except as otherwise provided in § 89.01.030(c), below, whenever a Building Permit, Grading Permit, or other County approval in connection with new construction is requested within the boundaries of a Local Area Drainage Plan, the specified drainage fee shall be deposited to the appropriate Planned Drainage Facilities Fund.  Any interest income earned by the money in the fund shall also be deposited in the fund.  The amount of the drainage fee shall be specified within the schedule of fees for each Local Area Drainage Plan.  The established fee shall be paid to the County prior to the issuance of Building Permits, Grading Permits, or other County approvals in connection with new construction.
   (b)   Deposited into a Drainage Facilities Fund.  Drainage fees required by this Chapter shall be paid to the County and deposited into a Drainage Facilities Fund.  A separate fund shall be established for each Drainage Area.  Monies in the funds shall be expended solely for the construction and reimbursement for the construction of drainage facilities, including related administration expenses, within the area from which the fees comprising the fund were collected, and/or to reimburse the local agency for the cost of engineering, right-of-way acquisition, and administrative services required to design and construct facilities within the Local Area Drainage Plan.
   (c)   Money May Be Advanced by Local Agency.  Money may be advanced by a local agency to design and construct drainage facilities, related administrative services, or to acquire necessary right-of-way within the area of an adopted Local Area Drainage Plan.  Money so advanced shall be reimbursed to the local agency from the appropriate Planned Drainage Facilities Fund.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)