§ 88.03.090  Reclamation Standards.
   (a)   Applicable State Law.
      (1)   Reclamation Plans shall comply with the provisions of SMARA (Public Resources Code §§ 2772-2773) and State reclamation regulations (Code of Regulations §§ 3500-3505).
      (2)   Reclamation Plans approved after January 15, 1993, Reclamation Plans for proposed new mining operations and any substantial amendments to previously approved Reclamation Plans shall also comply with the reclamation standards in Code of Regulations §§ 3700-3713.
   (b)   Additional Performance Standards.  The performance standards in Division 3 (Countywide Development Standards) shall apply to Reclamation Plans.  In addition, the applicable Review Authority may impose additional performance standards as developed in review of individual projects, as warranted.
   (c)   Phasing of Reclamation.
      (1)   Reclamation activities shall be initiated at the earliest possible time on those portions of the mined lands that will not be subject to further disturbance.  Interim reclamation may also be required for mined lands that have been disturbed and that may be disturbed again in future operations.  Reclamation may be done on an annual basis, in stages compatible with continuing operations, or on completion of all excavation, removal, or fill, as approved by the County.
      (2)   Each phase of reclamation shall be specifically described in the Reclamation Plan and shall include all of the following information:
         (A)   The beginning and expected ending dates for each phase.
         (B)   All reclamation activities required.
         (C)   Criteria for measuring completion of specific reclamation activities.
         (D)   Estimated costs for completion of each phase of reclamation.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)