§ 88.03.070  Additional Conditions of Approval.
   (a)   Protection of Mines from Incompatible Uses.  Mine development is encouraged in compatible areas before encroachment of conflicting uses.  Mineral resource areas that have been classified by the State Department of Conservation’s Division of Mines and Geology or designated by the State Mining and Geology Board as Mineral Resource Zones (MRZ), as well as existing surface mining operations that remain in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter, shall be protected from intrusion by incompatible land uses that may impede or preclude mineral extraction or processing, to the extent possible for consistency with the General Plan.  Before approving a use that would otherwise be incompatible with mineral resource protection, conditions of approval may be applied to encroaching development projects to minimize potential conflicts.
   (b)   Mapping of Identified Resource Areas.  In compliance with Public Resources Code § 2762, the General Plan and resource maps shall be updated to reflect mineral information (classification and/or designation reports) within 12 months of receipt from the State Mining and Geology Board of the information.  Land use decisions within the County shall be guided by information provided on the location of identified mineral resources of regional significance.  Conservation and potential development of identified mineral resource areas shall be considered and encouraged.  Recordation on property titles of the presence of important mineral resources within the identified mineral resource areas may be encouraged as a condition of approval of any development project in the impacted area. 
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)