§ 88.03.050  Vested Rights.
   (a)   Pre-SMARA and Post-SMARA Right to Conduct Surface Mining Operations.  A Conditional Use Permit shall not be required for any person who has obtained a vested right to conduct surface mining operations before January 1, 1976, as long as the vested right continues and as long as no substantial changes have been made in the operation except in compliance with SMARA, State regulations, and this Chapter.  Where a person with vested rights has continued surface mining in the same area subsequent to January 1, 1976, the person shall obtain County approval of a Reclamation Plan covering the mined lands disturbed by the subsequent surface mining.  In those cases where an overlap exists (in the horizontal and/or vertical sense) between pre-SMARA and post-SMARA mining, the Reclamation Plan shall require reclamation proportional to that disturbance caused by the mining after January 1, 1976 (i.e., the effective date of SMARA).
   (b)   Other Requirements Applicable to Vested Mining Operations.  All other requirements of State law and this Chapter shall apply to vested mining operations.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)