§ 88.03.010  Purpose.
   (a)   Extraction of Minerals Essential to County Economic Well-Being.  The County recognizes that the extraction of minerals is essential to the continued economic well-being of the County and its residents and to societal needs and that the reclamation of mined lands is necessary to prevent or minimize adverse effects on the environment and to protect the public health and safety.
   (b)   Surface Mining in Diverse Areas.  The County also recognizes that surface mining takes place in diverse areas where the geologic, topographic, climatic, biological, and social conditions are significantly different and that reclamation operations and their related specifications may vary accordingly.
   (c)   Purpose and Intent.  The purpose and intent of this Chapter is to ensure the continued availability of important mineral resources, while regulating surface mining operations as required by:
      (1)   California’s Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (Public Resources Code §§  2710 et seq.) (SMARA).
      (2)   Public Resources Code § 2207 (relating to annual reporting requirements).
      (3)   State Mining and Geology Board regulations (“State regulations”) for surface mining and reclamation practice (Code of Regulations §§ 3500 et seq.) to ensure that:
         (A)   Adverse environmental effects are prevented or minimized and that mined lands are reclaimed to a usable condition that is readily adaptable for alternative land uses.
         (B)   The production and conservation of minerals are encouraged, while giving consideration to values relating to recreation, watershed, wildlife, range and forage, and aesthetic enjoyment.
         (C)   Residual hazards to the public health and safety are eliminated.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)