§ 87.08.020  Preliminary Soils Report.
   A preliminary soils report based upon adequate test borings and prepared by a registered civil engineer shall be required for every subdivision for which a Final Map is required or when required as a condition of development when soils conditions warrant the investigation and report. The preliminary soils report shall be submitted with the Tentative Map application.
   (a)   Form of Report.  A preliminary soils report may be divided into two parts:
      (1)   Soils Reconnaissance.  The soil reconnaissance shall include a complete description of the site based on a field investigation of soils matters. The soils matters reviewed shall include stability, erosion, settlement, feasibility of construction of the proposed improvements, description of soils related hazards and problems, and proposed methods of eliminating or reducing these hazards and problems; and
      (2)   Soils Investigation and Report.  This investigation and report shall include field investigation and laboratory tests with detailed information and recommendations relative to all aspects of grading, filling, and other earthwork, foundation design, pavement design and subsurface drainage.
         (A)   The report shall also recommend any required corrective action for the purpose of preventing structural damage to subdivision improvements and the structures to be constructed on the parcels. The report shall also recommend any special precautions required for erosion control, and the prevention of sedimentation or damage to off-site property.
         (B)   If the preliminary soils report indicates the presence of critically expansive soils or other soils problems which, if not corrected, would lead to structural defects or environmental impacts, a subsequent soils investigation of each parcel in the subdivision may be required and shall be submitted to and approved by the Building Official before approval of a Parcel or Final Map.
   (b)   Preliminary Soils Report Waiver.  The preliminary soils report may be waived if the Building Official determines that existing available information on the qualities of the soils of the subdivision makes no preliminary analysis necessary.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)