§ 87.07.030  Installation of Improvements.
   Subdivision improvements required as conditions of approval of a Tentative Map in compliance with this Chapter (see § 87.06.050) shall be installed as provided by this Section.
   (a)   Timing of Improvements.  Required improvements shall be constructed or otherwise installed only after the approval of improvement plans in compliance with § 87.07.020, and before the approval of a Parcel or Final Map in compliance with §§ 87.03.060 (Parcel Map Approval) or 87.03.100 (Final Map Approval), except where:
      (1)   Improvements are deferred in compliance with § 87.07.040 (Improvement Agreements, Lien Agreements and Securities); or
      (2)   Improvements are required as conditions on the approval of a subdivision of four or fewer parcels, in which case construction of the improvements shall be required:
         (A)   When a Building Permit is issued for development of an affected parcel; or
         (B)   At the time the construction of the improvements is required in compliance with an agreement between the subdivider and the County, as identified in § 87.07.040 (Improvement Agreements, Lien Agreements and Securities); or
         (C)   At the time identified in a condition of approval, when the review authority finds that fulfillment of the construction requirements by that time is necessary for public health and safety, or because the required construction is a necessary prerequisite to the orderly development of the surrounding area.
      (3)   To avoid breaking up street paving, underground utility or service lines required to be installed as part of a subdivision and which are planned to run across or underneath a street or alley right-of-way shall be installed before the preparation of subgrade and before the surfacing of any streets or alleys. In the event that the development of the subdivision requires the utility company to perform utility construction work, the developer shall pay a deposit satisfactory to the utility company within sufficient time to allow construction work to be performed before subgrade preparation. In no event shall subgrade preparation commence before installation of all necessary utilities and laterals.
   (b)   Inspection of Improvements.  The inspection of the construction and installation of required subdivision improvements shall occur as follows.
      (1)   Supervision.  Before starting any work, the contractor engaged by the subdivider shall designate in writing an authorized representative who shall have the authority to represent and act for the contractor in contacts with the County. The designated representative shall be present at the work site at all times while work is in progress. At times when work is suspended, arrangements acceptable to the Director of Public Works shall be made for any emergency work that may be required.
      (2)   Inspection Procedures.
         (A)   Inspections Required.  The agency that has required a specific action shall make any inspections as it deems necessary to ensure that all construction complies with the approved improvement plans. Where required by the agency, the developer shall enter into an agreement with the County to pay the full cost of any contract inspection services determined to be necessary by that agency.
         (B)   Access to Site and Materials.  The agency that has required a specific action shall have access to the work site at all times during construction, and shall be furnished with every reasonable facility for verifying that the materials and workmanship are in compliance with the approved improvement plans.
         (C)   Authority for Approval.  The work done and all materials furnished shall be subject to the inspection and approval of the agency that has required a specific action. The inspection of the work or materials shall not relieve the contractor of any obligations to fulfill the work as prescribed.
         (D)   Improper Work or Materials.  Work or materials not meeting the requirements of the approved plans and specifications may be rejected, regardless of whether the work or materials were previously inspected by the agency that has required a specific action. In the event that the agency determines that subdivision improvements are not being constructed as required by the approved plans and specifications, it shall order the work stopped and shall inform the contractor of the reasons for stopping work and the corrective measures necessary to resume the work. Any work done after issuance of a stop work order shall be a violation of this Chapter.
      (3)   Notification.  The subdivider shall notify the Director of Public Works as part of condition compliance upon the completion of each stage of construction before recordation as outlined in this Chapter. Further construction may only be completed if all required actions included in the conditions of approval have been accomplished and signed off by the agency that has required the action(s).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)