§ 87.06.020  Applicability of Design and Improvement Standards.
   The requirements of this Chapter apply as follows:
   (a)   Extent of Required Improvements.  Each subdivision of four or fewer parcels, and each subdivision of five or more parcels, shall provide the improvements required by this Chapter, and any additional improvements required by conditions of approval.
   (b)   Applicable Design Standards, Timing of Installation.  The subdivider shall construct all on- and off-site improvements according to standards approved by the County Surveyor. No Parcel or Final Map shall be presented to the Board for approval and no Parcel Map shall be presented to the County Surveyor for approval until the subdivider either completes the required improvements, or enters into a subdivision improvement agreement with the County for the work in compliance with § 87.06.050 (Subdivision Improvement Requirements).
   (c)   Subdivision Improvement Standards - Conditions of Approval. The applicable subdivision improvement and dedication requirements of this Chapter and any other improvements and dedications required by the review authority in compliance with § 87.02.060 (Tentative Map Approval or Disapproval), shall be described in conditions of approval adopted for each approved Tentative Map (§ 87.02.070). The design, construction, or installation of all subdivision improvements shall comply with the requirements of the Director of Public Works.
   (d)   Oversizing of Improvements.
      (1)   At the discretion of the review authority, improvements required to be installed by the subdivider for the benefit of the subdivision may also be required to provide supplemental size, capacity, number, or length for the benefit of property not within the subdivision, and may be required to be dedicated to the County, in compliance with Map Act Chapter 4, Article 6.
      (2)   In the event that oversizing is required, the County shall comply with all applicable provisions of Map Act §§ 66485 et seq., including the reimbursement provisions of Map Act § 66486.
      (3)   If a parcel proposed for subdivision is subject to an existing reimbursement agreement, the subdivider shall pay the required reimbursement before the recordation of the Parcel or Final Map, or the issuance of a Building Permit for construction on the parcel, whichever occurs first.
   (e)   Exceptions.  Exceptions to the requirements of this Chapter may be requested and considered in compliance with § 87.01.100 (Exceptions to Subdivision Standards).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)