§ 87.05.030  Dedications.
   (a)   Streets, Highways, and Flood Control Rights-of-Way.
      (1)   As a condition of approval of a map, the subdivider shall dedicate or make an irrevocable offer of dedication of all parcels of land within the subdivision that are needed for:
         (A)   Access rights and abutters’ rights;
         (B)   Alleys;
         (C)   Drainage easements;
         (D)   Public utility easements;
         (E)   Streets; and
         (F)   Other public easements.
      (2)   In addition, the subdivider shall improve or agree to improve all streets, alleys, including access rights and abutters’ rights, drainage, public utility easements and other public easements. The subdivider may also be required to dedicate the additional land as may be necessary and feasible to provide bicycle paths for the use and safety of residents of the subdivision.
   (b)   Drainage Rights-of-Way.  When the Director of Public Works determines that drainage rights-of-way are necessary, the subdivider shall offer to dedicate upon the Final Map of the subdivision the necessary rights-of-way for drainage facilities.
   (c)   Flood Control Dedication.  Where dedication is offered for Flood Control District rights-of-way, the rights-of-way shall be shown as parcels lettered alphabetically on the Final Map. The offer of dedication shall be made by an appropriate certificate on the title sheet of the Final Map, and, in addition, an executed deed conveying fee title to the right-of-way to the Flood Control District shall be delivered to the District.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)