§ 87.03.100  Final Map Approval.
   After determining that the Final Map is in compliance with § 87.03.080, and is technically correct, the County Surveyor shall execute the County Surveyor’s certificate on the map in compliance with Map Act § 66442, and forward the Final Map to the County Clerk for Board action, as follows.
   (a)   Review and Approval by Board.  The Board shall approve or disapprove the Final Map at the meeting at which it receives the map from the County Surveyor or at its regular meeting after the meeting at which it receives the map, unless that time limit is extended with the mutual consent of the County Surveyor and the subdivider.
      (1)   Criteria for Approval.  The Board shall approve the Final Map if it conforms to all of the requirements of the Map Act, all provisions of this Development Code that were applicable at the time that the Tentative Map was approved, and is in substantial compliance with the approved Tentative Map.
      (2)   Approval by Inaction.  If the Board does not approve or disapprove the Final Map within the prescribed time or any authorized extension, and the map conforms to all applicable requirements, it shall be deemed approved, and the County Clerk shall certify its approval on the map.
   (b)   Map with Dedications.  If a dedication or offer of dedication is required on the Final Map, the Board shall accept, accept subject to improvement, or reject any or all offers of dedication, at the same time as it takes action to approve the Final Map. If the Board rejects the offer of dedication, the offer shall remain open and may be accepted by the Board at a later date in compliance with Map Act § 66477.2. Any termination of an offer of dedication shall be processed in compliance with Map Act § 66477.2 using the same procedures as specified by the Streets and Highway Code Part 3 of Division 9.
   (c)   Map with Incomplete Improvements.  If improvements required by this Development Code, conditions of approval, or other applicable laws have not been completed at the time of approval of the Final Map, the Board shall require the subdivider to enter into an agreement with the County as specified in Map Act § 66462, and § 87.07.040 (Improvement Agreements, Lien Agreements and Securities), as a condition precedent to the approval of the Final Map.
   (d)   Recording of Final Map.
      (1)   After action by the Board and after the required signatures and seals have been affixed, the Clerk of the Board shall transmit the Final Map back to the County Surveyor.
      (2)   The County Surveyor shall establish an appointment with the County Recorder for filing.
      (3)   The County Recorder shall oversee the recording of the Final Map.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)