§ 87.03.090  Filing and Processing of Final Maps.
   (a)   Filing with County Surveyor.  The Final Map, together with all data, information, and materials required by § 87.03.080 shall be submitted to the County Surveyor in compliance with the time limitations specified in § 87.02.120 (Tentative Map Time Limits and Expiration) and Subdivision (e) (Time Limit for Filing Final Map), below. The Final Map shall be considered submitted when it is complete and fully complies with all applicable provisions of the Map Act and this Development Code.
   (b)   Filing and Review of Advance Copy of Final Map.
      (1)   Filing with County Surveyor.  After receipt of the action of the review authority approving or conditionally approving the Tentative Map, the subdivider may cause the real property included within the map, or any part thereof, to be surveyed and a Final Map prepared in compliance with the approved or conditionally approved Tentative Map application. An advance copy of the Final Map shall be filed with the County Surveyor.
      (2)   Contents of Advance Copy.  The advance copy of the Final Map shall be accompanied by all documents required by the County Surveyor. The mapping standards issued by the County Surveyor list the submittal requirements for a Final Map.
      (3)   Review of Advance Copy for Condition Compliance.  The County Surveyor shall be the primary coordinator in seeing that the conditions of approval of the Tentative Map have been fulfilled. The County Surveyor shall transmit maps to and request written reports from the County departments and public utilities, including any cable television systems, which have submitted recommendations on the Tentative Map. Within 20 days after receipt of an advance copy of the Final Map, the County department or utility shall issue a preliminary written report regarding the compliance or noncompliance of the advance copy of the Final Map to the matters under its jurisdiction.
   (c)   Filing of Official Copy of Final Map.  If the advance copy of the Final Map has been found satisfactory by the County Surveyor, the subdivider shall cause the Final Map to be officially filed with the County Surveyor at least 20 days before the expiration of the approved or conditionally approved Tentative Map or any approved extension of time granted in compliance with § 87.02.130 (Extensions of Time for Tentative Maps). The Final Map shall not be officially filed until the engineer or surveyor has received notification from the County Surveyor that all provisions of the Tentative Map approval, the Map Act, this Development Code, the County Code, and applicable County standards have been complied with. The filing of the official copy of the Final Map with the County Surveyor shall constitute the timely filing of the Final Map.
   (d)   Review of Final Map.
      (1)   After the issuance of a receipt for the Final Map, the County Surveyor shall examine it as to sufficiency of affidavits and acknowledgements, correctness of surveying data, mathematical data and computations, and other matters which may require checking to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Map Act, this Division, and County Surveyor standards.
      (2)   If the Final Map is found to be in substantial compliance with the Tentative Map and is in correct form, the matters shown on the map are sufficient, and the County Surveyor is satisfied that all of the conditions of approval have been met, the County Surveyor shall endorse approval of the Final Map. The County Surveyor shall combine with the Final Map the agreements, easements, and securities as required by this Division. The material shall be transmitted to the Board for its consideration of the Final Map.
   (e)   Time Limit for Filing Final Map.  If the subdivider fails to file the Final Map with the County Surveyor and the required accompanying data with the appropriate County departments within 36 months after the date of first approval by the review authority or within any authorized extension of time, the Tentative Map approval or conditional approval shall become void. In this case, a new filing fee shall be paid, and an application for a new Tentative Map approval shall be filed.
      (1)   If 120 days before the submittal of a Final Map, the subdivider has failed to comply with the Tentative Map conditions which require the subdivider to construct or install off-site improvements on land in which neither the subdivider nor the County has sufficient title or interest, including an easement or license, then at the time the Final Map is filed with the local agency, to permit the improvements to be made, the subdivider shall enter into an agreement with the County through its Department of Public Works to pay all costs of the County in acquiring the property.
      (2)   The County shall have 120 days from the filing of the Final Map, in compliance with Map Act § 66457, to obtain interest in the land to allow the improvement(s) to be made by negotiation or proceedings in compliance with the Code of Civil Procedure §§ 1230.010 et seq., including proceedings for immediate possession of the property under the Code of Civil Procedure §§ 1255.410 et seq.
      (3)   In the event the County fails to meet the 120-day time limitation, the condition for construction of off-site improvements shall be conclusively deemed to be waived.
      (4)   Before approval of the Final Map, the County may require the subdivider to enter into an agreement to complete the improvements, in compliance with Subdivision (f) (Improvement Agreements and Security Requirements), below, at the time as the County acquires an interest in the land which will allow the improvements to be made.
      (5)   “Off-site improvements,” as used in this Subdivision, do not include improvements which are necessary to ensure replacement or construction of housing for persons and families of low or moderate income, as defined in Health and Safety Code § 50093.
   (f)   Improvement Agreements and Security Requirements.  If at the time of approval of the Final Map by the Board, any improvements required by local ordinance or as a condition of the approval of the Tentative Map have not been completed in compliance with County standards applicable at the time of the approval or conditional approval of the Tentative Map, the Board, as a condition precedent to approval of the Final Map, shall require the subdivider to enter into an agreement with the Board in compliance with § 87.07.040 (Improvement Agreements, Lien Agreements and Securities).
   (g)   Multiple Final Maps.
      (1)   Multiple Final Maps may only be filed if the subdivider included a statement of intention with the Tentative Map that the subdivider would submit multiple phased Final Maps.
      (2)   Project phasing and the filing of multiple Final Maps shall be in compliance with § 87.02.020 (Tentative Map Preparation, Application Contents).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)