§ 87.03.050  Filing and Processing of Parcel Maps.
   (a)   Filing with the County Surveyor.  The Parcel Map, together with all data, information, and materials required by § 87.03.040 shall be submitted to the County Surveyor in compliance with the time limitations specified in § 87.02.120 (Tentative Map Time Limits and Expiration). The Parcel Map shall be considered submitted when it is complete and complies with all applicable provisions of the Map Act and this Development Code.
   (b)   Filing and Review of Advance Copy of Parcel Map.
      (1)   Filing with County Surveyor.  Where the filing of a Parcel Map is required in compliance with this Division after the approval or conditional approval of the Tentative Parcel Map application, the subdivider may cause the real property included within the map to be surveyed and a Parcel Map prepared in compliance with the approved Tentative Parcel Map application. An advance copy of the Parcel Map shall be filed with the County Surveyor.
      (2)   Contents of Advance Copy.  The advance copy of the Parcel Map shall be accompanied by all documents required by the County Surveyor. The mapping standards issued by the County Surveyor list the submittal requirements for a Parcel Map.
      (3)   Review of Advance Copy for Condition Compliance.  The County Surveyor shall be the primary coordinator in seeing that the conditions of approval of the Tentative Map have been fulfilled. The County Surveyor shall transmit maps to and request written reports from the County departments and public utilities, including any cable television systems, which have submitted recommendations on the Tentative Map. Within 20 days after receipt of an advance copy of the Parcel Map, the County department or utility shall issue a preliminary written report regarding the compliance or noncompliance of the advance copy of the Parcel Map to the matters under its jurisdiction.
   (c)   Filing of Official Copy of Parcel Map.  If the advance copy of the Parcel Map has been found satisfactory by the County Surveyor, the subdivider shall cause the Parcel Map to be officially filed with the County Surveyor at least 20 days before the expiration of the approved or conditionally approved Tentative Map or any approved extension of time granted in compliance with § 87.02.130 (Extensions of Time for Tentative Maps). The Parcel Map shall not be officially filed until the engineer or surveyor has received notification from the County Surveyor that all provisions of the Tentative Map approval, the Map Act, this Development Code, the County Code, and applicable County standards have been complied with. The filing of the official copy of the Parcel Map with the County Surveyor shall constitute the timely filing of the Parcel Map.
   (d)   Review of Parcel Map.
      (1)   After the issuance of a receipt for the Parcel Map, the County Surveyor shall examine it as to sufficiency of affidavits and acknowledgements, correctness of surveying data, mathematical data and computations, and other matters which may require checking to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Map Act, this Division, and County Surveyor standards.
      (2)   If the Parcel Map does not conform as required above, the subdivider shall be notified, and given the opportunity to make necessary changes and resubmit the Parcel Map, together with all required data, if the Tentative Map has not expired.
   (e)   Improvement Agreements and Security Requirements.  The filing and recording of a Parcel Map shall be subject to the requirements of § 87.07.040 (Improvement Agreements, Lien Agreements and Securities).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)