§ 87.02.040  Evaluation of Application.
   The following shall occur after completion of the initial processing and the application being deemed complete.
   (a)   Evaluation of Application.  The Director:
      (1)   Shall review and evaluate each Tentative Map as to its compliance and consistency with applicable provisions of this Development Code, the General Plan, any applicable community plan, any applicable specific plan, and the Map Act, in compliance with Map Act § 66474.2;
      (2)   Shall determine the extent to which the proposed subdivision complies with the findings in § 87.02.060 (Tentative Map Approval or Disapproval);
      (3)   Shall determine that the project is “noncontroversial.” For the purpose of this Section, “noncontroversial” shall mean:
         (A)   That no member of the Development Review Committee objects to the project or any portion of the project;
         (B)   No specific written request has been received requesting public hearing review of the project from a person notified; and
         (C)   In the opinion of the Director, there has been no substantial objection to the proposed project from members of the public.
      (4)   May refer the project to the Commission for action if the Director determines the project to be controversial.
   (b)   Preparation of an Evaluation.  The Director shall prepare an evaluation in compliance with Map Act § 66452.3 describing the conclusions of the map application review. Copies of the evaluation shall be mailed to the subdivider (and each tenant of the subject property, in the case of a condominium conversion [§ 87.04.030]) at least three days before any hearing or action on the Tentative Map by the review authority in compliance with § 87.02.050 or 87.02.060.
      (1)   County Department Evaluations and Recommendations.  Wherever possible, the evaluations and recommendations of the County departments shall be presented to the Planning Agency by the Chair of the Development Review Committee or designee.
      (2)   Required Action in the Case of Waste Discharge Violations.  The Development Review Committee shall advise the Planning Agency as to whether the discharge of waste from the proposed subdivision into an existing community sewer system will result in the violation of existing requirements prescribed by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board in compliance with Water Code §§ 13000 et seq. In the event that the Planning Agency finds that the proposed waste discharge would result in or add to violation of the requirements of the Water Quality Control Board, it may disapprove the Tentative Map(s), or take other action as may be allowed by the policies of the Board of Supervisors.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)