§ 87.02.030  Tentative Map Filing, Initial Processing.
   (a)   General Filing and Processing Requirements.  A Tentative Map application shall be submitted to the Department for processing, and shall be:
      (1)   Reviewed for completeness and accuracy (refer to § 85.03.020 [Applications for Land Use Decisions]);
      (2)   Referred to affected agencies;
      (3)   Reviewed in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) where applicable; and
      (4)   Evaluated in compliance with § 87.02.040 (Evaluation of Application) below.
   (b)   Referral to Affected Agencies.  The procedure provided by this Subdivision is in addition to the procedures in Chapter 85.01 (Permit Application Filing and Processing).
      (1)   Required Referrals.  The Director shall refer a Tentative Map application for review and comment to agencies that will be expected to provide service to the proposed subdivision, including, as appropriate, County agencies and departments, cities, special districts, and local agencies, public utilities, and State agencies.
      (2)   Anticipated Type of Response.  The agencies that receive a Tentative Map application are expected to respond to the Department with an evaluation of the proposal, a list of items (e.g., hydrology study, title report, traffic study, etc.) that may need to be filed and considered during the evaluation phase, and a list of proposed conditions of Tentative Map approval.
      (3)   Time Limits for Referral and Response.  As required by Map Act §§ 66453 through 66455.7, referral shall occur within five days of the Tentative Map application being determined to be complete. An agency wishing to respond to a referral shall provide the Department with its recommendations within 15 days after receiving the Tentative Map application.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)