§ 87.01.080  Type of Subdivision Approval Required.
   Any subdivision of an existing parcel into two or more parcels shall require approval by the County in compliance with this Division. In general, the procedure for subdivision first requires the approval of a Tentative Map, and then the approval of a Parcel Map (for a subdivision that results in four or fewer parcels) or a Final Map (for a subdivision that results in five or more parcels) to complete the subdivision process. The County’s review of a Tentative Map evaluates the compliance of the proposed subdivision with County standards, and the appropriateness of the proposed subdivision design. Parcel and Final Maps are precise surveying documents that detail the location and dimensions of all parcel boundaries in an approved subdivision and, after approval, are recorded in the office of the County Recorder.
   (a)   Tentative Map Requirements.  The filing and approval of a Tentative Map is required for:
      (1)   A subdivision or resubdivision of four or fewer parcels, as authorized by Map Act § 66428; and
      (2)   A subdivision or resubdivision or of five or more parcels, and all other types of subdivisions required to have Tentative Map approval by Map Act § 66426.
   (b)   Parcel and Final Map Requirements.  A Parcel or Final Map (see Chapter 87.03) shall be required as follows:
      (1)   Parcel Map.  The filing and approval of a Parcel Map (Chapter 87.06) shall be required for a subdivision creating four or fewer parcels, with or without a designated remainder in compliance with Map Act Article 2, Chapter 1, except for the following subdivisions:
         (A)   Public Agency or Utility Conveyances.  Any conveyance of land, including a fee interest, an easement, or a license, to a governmental agency, public entity, public utility or a subsidiary of a public utility for rights-of-way, unless the Director determines based on substantial evidence that public policy necessitates a Parcel Map, in an individual case, in compliance with Map Act § 66428;
         (B)   Rail Right-of-Way Leases.  Subdivisions of a portion of the operating right-of-way of a railroad corporation as defined by the Public Utilities Code § 230, which are created by short-term leases (terminable by either party on not more than 30 days’ notice in writing); or
         (C)   Waived Parcel Map.  A subdivision that has been granted a waiver of Parcel Map requirements in compliance with § 87.03.030 (Waiver of Parcel Map).
      (2)   Final Map.  The filing and approval of a Final Map (Chapter 87.03) shall be required for a subdivision of five or more parcels, except a subdivision that is otherwise required to have a Parcel Map by Map Act § 66426.
   (c)   Exemptions from Subdivision Approval Requirements.  The types of subdivisions identified by Map Act §§ 66411, 66412, 66412.1, 66412.2, and 66426.5, or other applicable Map Act provision as not being subject to the requirements of the Map Act, and/or not being considered to be divisions of land for the purposes of the Map Act, shall be exempt from the subdivision approval requirements of this Division.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)