§ 86.15.060  Permits and Procedures.
   (a)   Site Plan Permits Post-Disaster.
      (1)   Site Plan Permit Process May Be Modified.  Processing of a Site Plan Permit may be modified under the provisions of this Chapter to allow the proposed reconstruction or repair to comply as nearly as possible with the applicable development standards of this Development Code.
      (2)   Finding.  Issuance of a Site Plan Permit under post-disaster circumstances shall include the finding that the site plan has been designed to meet the current requirements of this Development Code as closely as feasible, including access, landscaping, loading, open space, parking, setbacks, and walls.
   (b)   Temporary Use Permit Post-Disaster.
      (1)   Issuance of Temporary Use Permit Before Building Permit.  A Temporary Use Permit processed under the provisions of this Chapter may be issued before the issuance of a Building Permit to reconstruct the permanent unit(s), but a Building Permit shall be applied for within 180 days after issuance of the Temporary Use Permit.
      (2)   Findings.  Approval of temporary mobile housing or temporary nonresidential structures shall first require that all of the following findings can be made:
         (A)   The site for the proposed use is adequate in terms of shape and size to accommodate the proposed use and all required landscaping, loading, open spaces, parking, setbacks, walls and fences, yards, and other required features;
         (B)   The site for the proposed use has adequate access;
         (C)   The proposed use will not have a substantial adverse effect on abutting property or the allowed use of the abutting property;
         (D)   The proposed use is in compliance with the goals and policies of the General Plan and any applicable community plan or specific plan; and
         (E)   The lawful conditions stated in the approval are deemed reasonable and necessary to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)