§ 86.14.070  Adoption of Specific Plan.
   (a)   Board’s Action.  The Board may adopt a specific plan only if all of the following findings can first be made:
      (1)   The proposed development is generally in compliance with the actions, goals, objectives, and policies of the General Plan;
      (2)   The design, location, shape, size, operating characteristics, and the provision of public and emergency vehicle access and public services and utilities (e.g., drainage, fire protection, sewers, water, etc.), would ensure that the proposed development would not endanger, jeopardize, or otherwise constitute a hazard to the public convenience, health, interest, safety, or welfare, or injurious to the property or improvements in the vicinity and land use zoning district in which the property is located;
      (3)   The proposed development would:
         (A)   Ensure quality development by encouraging greater flexibility with more creative and aesthetically pleasing designs for major developments;
         (B)   Ensure the timely provision of essential public services and facilities consistent with the demand for the services and facilities; and
         (C)   Promote a harmonious variety of housing choices and commercial and industrial activities; attain a desirable balance of residential and employment opportunities; and result in a high level of amenities and the preservation of the natural and scenic qualities of open space.
      (4)   The subject property is physically suitable for the proposed land use zoning district designation(s);
      (5)   The proposed project has been reviewed in compliance with the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the County’s Environmental Review Procedures; and
      (6)   There would be no potential significant negative effects upon environmental quality and natural resources that would not be properly mitigated and monitored, unless a Statement of Overriding Considerations is adopted by the Board.
   (b)   Adoption.  The specific plan shall be adopted by ordinance in compliance with State law.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)