§ 86.13.010  Purpose.
   (a)   Compliance with Government Code § 65864.  This Chapter establishes procedures and requirements for the adoption and amendment of development agreements in compliance with Government Code §§ 65864 et seq.
   (b)   Development Agreement Defined.  A development agreement is a contract between the County and an applicant for a development project.
   (c)   Assurances to the Applicant.  A development agreement is intended to provide assurance to the applicant that an approved project may proceed subject to the policies, regulations, rules, and conditions of approval applicable to the project at the time of approval, regardless of any changes to County policies, regulations, and rules after project approval.
   (d)   Assurances to the County.  In return, the County is provided assurance that the project would further important County-wide goals and policies which have been officially recognized by the Board, and provide the County with significant, tangible benefits beyond those that may be required by the County through normal project conditions of approval.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)