§ 86.09.100  Civil Actions.
   (a)   Injunctive Relief and Abatement.  At the request of any person authorized to enforce this Development Code, the County Counsel or District Attorney may commence proceedings for the abatement, removal, correction and enjoinment of any act or omission that constitutes or will constitute a violation of this Development Code or any permit or land use approval granted pursuant thereto, and an order requiring the violator(s) to pay civil penalties and/or abatement costs. Where multiple violators are involved, they shall be jointly and severally liable for the civil penalties and/or abatement costs.
   (b)   Civil Remedies and Penalties.  Any person, whether acting as principal, agent, employee, owner, lessor, lessee, tenant, occupant, operator, contractor, or otherwise, who violates any provision of this Development Code or any permit or any condition of land use approval granted pursuant thereto, shall be liable for a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000.00 per violation for each day or any portion thereof, that the violation continues to exist. In determining the amount of civil penalty to be imposed, both as to the daily rate and the subsequent total amount for any given violation, the court shall consider all relevant circumstances, including, but not limited to, the extent of the harm caused by the conduct constituting the violation, the nature and persistence of such conduct, the length of time over which the conduct occurred or was repeated, the assets, liabilities, and net worth of the violator, whether a corporate entity or an individual, and any corrective action taken by the violator.
   (c)   Attorney's Fees.  In any civil action, administrative proceeding (excluding administrative citations issued pursuant to § 86.09.110 Administrative Citation Actions), or special proceeding to abate a public nuisance, whether by seeking injunctive relief and/or an abatement order, or other order; attorney's fees may be recovered by the prevailing party and shall not exceed the amount of reasonable attorney's fees incurred by the County in that action or proceeding (Government Code § 25845).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4043, passed - -2008; Am. Ord. 4085, passed - -2009; Am. Ord. 4175, passed - -2012)