§ 86.09.080  Enforcement.
   (a)   Notices, Orders, and Citations.  This Development Code may be enforced through the issuance of various notices and orders pertaining to any land use; or to any addition, alteration, construction, conversion, enlargement, installation, moving, reconstruction, rehabilitation of any structure; or to any use of any structure; that is contrary to any provision of this Development Code as provided herein, or as otherwise provided under various provisions of the other Titles of the San Bernardino County Code. Such notices may include, without limitation, notice of violation, notice to correct, notice to vacate, and stop work orders. This Development Code may also be enforced through the use of administrative citations issued pursuant to Government Code § 53069.4 and the provisions of the San Bernardino County Code adopted pursuant to the authority conferred by Government Code § 53069.4; or through the use of criminal citations issued pursuant to Penal Code § 836.5 and in the manner specified by the San Bernardino County Code, Title 1, Division 1, Chapter 2, § 11.0204.
   (b)   Enforcement Remedies Are Cumulative and Discretionary, Not Exclusive.  All remedies contained in this Development Code for the handling of violations or enforcement of the provisions of this Development Code shall be discretionary and cumulative, and not exclusive of any other applicable provisions of the San Bernardino County Code or other applicable State law. The County, at its sole discretion and acting through the officials designated in this Chapter and in consultation with the Office of County Counsel, may enforce this Development Code through the application of criminal, civil, and administrative remedies as set forth in this Chapter. In the exercise of such discretion in selecting an appropriate code enforcement remedy, the County shall not be required to institute available code enforcement remedies in any particular order, or to prefer the application of one remedy to another.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4043, passed - -2008)