§ 86.09.030  Authority for Enforcement.
   (a)   Responsibility of Director.  The Director, the Deputy Director of the Code Enforcement Division, and their designated employees and representatives shall have the authority to enforce the provisions of this Development Code.
   (b)   Responsibility of Additional, Authorized County Representatives.  The Director shall be aided in this enforcement responsibility by the officers and authorized representatives of the County agencies, departments, and offices charged with the responsibility of administering, implementing, and ensuring compliance with the provisions of this Development Code. Among these are the following designated enforcement officers:
      (1)   Assistant Administrative Officer for Public and Support Services Group.
      (2)   Chief, County Fire Department.
      (3)   Chief Engineer of the San Bernardino County Flood Control District.
      (4)   Chief of Environmental Health Services Division.
      (5)   County Agricultural Commissioner.
      (6)   County Surveyor.
      (7)   Director of Airports Department.
      (8)   Director of County Museums.
      (9)   Director of Public Works.
      (10)   Director of Special Districts Department.
      (11)   Floodplain Administrator.
   (c)    Responsibility of Other Authorities.  The authorities responsible for the enforcement shall be the same as the review authorities responsible for permit approvals as specified in this Development Code.
   (d)   Authority to Inspect.  All persons authorized to enforce the provisions of this Development Code are authorized to enter upon any property or premises within the unincorporated areas of the County of San Bernardino to ascertain whether the property or premises is in compliance with this Development Code, and to make any inspection as may be necessary in the performance of their enforcement duties. These inspections may include the taking of photographs, samples, or other physical evidence, and the making of video and/or audio recordings. All such entries and inspections shall be done in a reasonable manner. If an owner, lawful occupant, or the respective agent, employee, or representative thereof refuses permission to enter and/or inspect, the County, acting by and through such persons authorized to enforce this Development Code, may seek an administrative inspection warrant pursuant to the procedures provided by California Code of Civil Procedure §§ 1822.50 through 1822.59, as may be amended from time to time, or the successor provisions thereto.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4043, passed - -2008; Am. Ord. 4057, passed - - 2008; Am. Ord. 4163, passed - -2012)