86.09.010   Purpose.
   86.09.020   Permits and Licenses.
   86.09.030   Authority for Enforcement.
   86.09.040   Unlawful to Violate Development Code Provisions.
   86.09.050   Violations of the Development Code Declared Public Nuisance.
   86.09.060   Unlawful to Refuse or Fail to Comply with Conditions of Land Use Approval.
   86.09.070   Property Not in Compliance with Conditions of Land Use Approval Declared a Public Nuisance.
   86.09.080   Enforcement.
   86.09.090   Criminal Actions.
   86.09.100   Civil Actions.
   86.09.110   Administrative Citation Actions.
   86.09.120   Filing a Notice of Pendency.
   86.09.130   Filing a Notice of Action.
   86.09.140   Initial Investigation Procedures.
   86.09.150   Inspections.
   86.09.160   Stop Work Orders.
   86.09.170   Revocation or Modification of Permits or Approvals.
   86.09.180   Recovery of Costs.
   86.09.190   Additional Permit Processing Fees.
   86.09.200   Reinspection Fees.
   86.09.210   Documentation.