§ 86.08.020  Application for the Appeal of a Land Use Decision.
   (a)   Appropriate Forms.  Applications for an appeal of a land use decision shall be made on forms supplied by the review authority to which the appeal is being made.
   (b)   Appeal Submittals.  Applications for appeals addressed to the Commission shall be submitted to the Land Use Services Department. Applications for appeals addressed to the Board shall be submitted to the Clerk of the Board.
   (c)   Grounds for Appeal.  Applications for appeals shall include a written statement of the grounds upon which the appeal is based.
   (d)   Appeal Fees.  A uniform fee, as established by the Board, shall be paid to the County upon the filing of each appeal in compliance with the Planning Fee Schedule.
   (e)   Contents of Appeal Application.  The appeal application shall identify:
      (1)   The subject land use application;
      (2)   The specific decision, condition of approval, or other matter being appealed;
      (3)   The date of the action;
      (4)   The justification for the appeal; and
      (5)   Any remedy or solution for which the appellant petitions.
   (f)   Appeal Shall Stay All Proceedings.  A properly filed application for appeal shall stay the proceedings in the matter appealed until a decision is rendered on the appeal.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)