§ 86.03.050  Meeting Dates and Procedures.
   The ERC shall meet when needed, as determined by the Director, and comply with the following procedures.
   (a)   Meetings Open to Public.  All ERC meetings shall be open to the public and any applicant, developer, property owner, subdivider, official of any agency, department, organization, or other person interested in a development project may attend any meeting and present appropriate testimony.
   (b)   Notification Required. The applicant, developer, engineer, subdivider, or other applicant-designated representative shall be notified of the date, time, and place of the meeting by written notification placed in the U.S. mail at least ten days before the first ERC meeting at which the development project is to be considered. Notice shall also be given to any individual association, group, or organization that has requested in writing notification of meetings and hearings regarding the specific project or that have caused themselves to be properly placed on a mailing list for all ERC agendas.
   (c)   Recommendation by Written Report.  All agencies, departments, offices, and officers shall submit to the ERC their recommendations relative to the development projects or subdivisions being discussed at each meeting. Wherever possible, these reports should be in writing and in sufficient detail that all interested parties will be properly informed in detail as to the recommended requirements, map revisions, proposed conditions of approval, and any proposed environmental action or determination.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)