§ 86.02.020  Membership.
   (a)   Designated Members.  The DRC shall consist of the following members or their duly authorized designees:
      (1)   The Director, who shall serve as the DRC Chairperson;
      (2)   The Building Official;
      (3)   The Chief Engineer of the San Bernardino County Flood Control District;
      (4)   The Chief of the Environmental Health Services Division;
      (5)   The County Fire Marshal;
      (6)   The County Surveyor;
      (7)   The Director of the Department of Airports;
      (8)   The Director of Public Works;
      (9)   The Director of Special Districts; and
      (10)   The Local Agency Formation Commission.
   (b)   Additional Responsibilities of the County Fire Marshal.  On projects which affect other fire agencies, departments, or organizations which are independent of the authority, responsibilities, or jurisdiction of the County Fire Marshal, the Fire Marshal shall coordinate and receive the comments of the agencies, departments, or organizations and shall ensure that their comments are considered in the examinations and recommendations of the DRC.
   (c)   Oversight by Commission Representative.  In addition, the Commission Chairperson, or other Commission member designated by the Chairperson, shall attend and observe each meeting of the DRC. The Commission representative may require that a project be referred to the Commission for action at a public hearing.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)