§ 85.17.030  Procedures.
   Each application shall be reviewed by the Director to ensure that the proposal complies with this Chapter, and all other applicable requirements of this Development Code.
   (a)   Procedure.  Staff review with notice.
   (b)   Review Authority.  Director.
   (c)   Notice.  Before a decision on a Variance, the County shall provide notice in compliance with § 85.03.080 (Notice of Pending Land Use Decisions).
      (1)   Notice.  The notice shall state that the Director will decide whether to approve or disapprove the Variance application on a date specified in the notice, and that a public hearing will be held only if requested in writing by any interested person before the specified date for the decision. The request for a hearing shall be based on issues of significance directly related to the application (e.g., provision of evidence that the request cannot meet one or more of the findings identified in § 85.17.060 [Findings and Decision], below).
      (2)   If Hearing Is Requested. If a public hearing is requested, the Director shall schedule the hearing, which shall be noticed and conducted in compliance with Chapter 86.07 (Public Hearings).
      (3)   If No Hearing Is Requested. If no public hearing is requested, the Director shall render a decision on the date specified in the notice referred to in Subdivision (c)(1) above.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)