§ 85.15.090  Development Standards.
   The Director shall establish the following standards based on the type of short-term activity, using the requirements of the applicable land use zoning district, and Divisions 3 (Countywide Development Standards) and 4 (Standards for Specific Land Uses and Activities) for guidance:
   (a)   Structure and Property Development Improvements.  Access, floor areas, heights, landscaping, off-street parking, setbacks, signs, utilities, and other structure and property development improvements and features;
   (b)   Removal of the Activity and Site Restoration.  Measures for removal of the activity and site restoration, to ensure that no changes to the site would limit the range of possible future land uses otherwise allowed by this Development Code; and
   (c)   Time limitation.  Limitation on the duration of an approved “temporary structure,” to a maximum of 12 months, so that it shall not become a permanent or long-term structure.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)