§ 85.15.070  Exempt Short-Term Activities.
   The following short-term activities are allowed without the requirement of obtaining a Temporary Use Permit. Short-term activities that do not fall within the following categories shall comply with § 85.15.080 (Allowed Short-Term Activities), below.
   (a)   Construction Yards - On-Site.  On-site contractors’ construction yards, for an approved construction project. The construction yard shall be removed immediately upon completion of the construction project, or the expiration of the Building Permit authorizing the construction project, whichever first occurs.
   (b)   Emergency Facilities.  Emergency public health and safety needs/land use activities, as determined by the Board.
   (c)   Events on Sites Approved for Public Assembly.  An event on the site of, or within, a golf course, meeting hall, religious facility, school, theater, or other similar facility designed, and approved by the County for public assembly.
   (d)   Fund-Raising Car Washes.
      (1)   Car washes on property within a commercial, industrial, or institutional zone, limited to a maximum of two days per month for each sponsoring organization.
      (2)   Sponsorship shall be limited to educational, fraternal, religious, or service organizations directly engaged in civic or charitable efforts, or to tax exempt organizations in compliance with § 501(c) of the Federal Revenue and Taxation Code.
      (3)   Even though fundraising car washes are exempt from obtaining a Temporary Use Permit, they shall still be conducted in compliance with applicable stormwater regulations to minimize potential water quality impacts.
   (e)   Garage Sales.  Garage sales, not to exceed four per year, each of which may not exceed three consecutive days.
   (f)   Location Filming.  The temporary use of a specific site for the location filming of commercials, movies, videos, etc., for the time specified by the Director. Even though this use is exempt from a Temporary Use Permit, it does require a permit through the Inland Empire Film Commission.
   (g)   Public Property or Public Right-of-Way.  Construction and maintenance activities conducted on public properties that are authorized by an Encroachment Permit.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)