§ 85.11.020  Flood Hazard Mitigation Required.
   (a)   No Disturbance of Land and/or Construction without Prior Approval.  No person, except as provided in this Chapter, shall commence with a disturbance of land (e.g., grading or land clearing) and/or construction activity that has the potential to affect a discernible water course without first obtaining approval to ensure that the disturbance and/or construction activity will not increase the velocity or alter the direction or point of discharge of a local drainage course in a manner that it negatively effects the proposed structure(s) or other adjacent properties.
   (b)   Determination by the Building Official.  The Building Official shall determine, upon visual inspection of the site and review of any pertinent available resources, whether there is evidence of a discernible watercourse that could affect or could be affected by the proposed improvements or land disturbing activity. If evidence of a discernible watercourse exists, the Building Official may require a Floodplain Development Standards Review conducted by the Land Development Division that will provide further review of the site and proposed improvements. A review fee may be required.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4085, passed - -2009; Am. Ord. 4163, passed - -2012; Am. Ord. 4333, passed - -2017)