§ 85.06.070  Agricultural Support Services.
   (a)   Review Authority’s Action.  The review authority may approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove a Conditional Use Permit for agricultural support services, and shall record the decision and the findings upon which the decision is based.
   (b)   Additional Required Findings.  In addition to the findings required in § 85.06.040 (Findings Required) above, when agricultural support services are allowed subject to a Conditional Use Permit, the review authority shall also find and justify that all of the following are true before approving the Conditional Use Permit application.
      (1)   The proposed use is of an appropriate scale and size that will not create a conflict with existing or planned uses of adjacent properties.
      (2)   The proposed use is incidental and subordinate to existing agricultural uses located within the general vicinity.
      (3)   The methods of operation are compatible with existing and planned uses of adjacent properties.
      (4)   The methods of sewage, solid waste, and wastewater disposal are practical, safe, and will not adversely affect surrounding properties and underground water supplies.
      (5)   The approval of the proposed use will not serve to detract from the agricultural character of the area.
      (6)   The proposed use will not have a substantial adverse effect on the service support capacity of the area’s infrastructure including groundwater supply.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)