§ 85.03.090  Conditions of Approval.
   In approving an application for a land use decision, the review authority may establish reasonable conditions to its approval that are found to be necessary to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare that are consistent with the General Plan and this Development Code. In an application made subsequent to the initiation of any enforcement action by the County concerning the use of land, a structure(s), and/or the use or occupancy of a structure(s) (as set forth in § 86.09.050) that is the subject matter of that enforcement action, the review authority may establish different time limits as a condition of approval in accordance with § 86.06.060(a). Conditions of approval may be changed through the Chapter 85.12 (Revisions to an Approved Action).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4360, passed --2019)