§ 85.02.050  Alternate Review Procedures.
   Unless preempted by State or Federal Law, the specific land uses listed in the land use tables in Chapters 82.03 through 82.22 shall be allowed without a Conditional Use Permit when the following alternate review procedures have been completed to the satisfaction of the Director.
   (a)   Alternate Procedures.
      (1)   The land use has been approved at a public hearing by a State or Federally appointed body or commission empowered to approve or license the land use.
      (2)   Notice has been given to provide an opportunity for those interested or affected by the proposed use to take part in local public hearings conducted by the State or Federal body or commission approving the land use.
      (3)   The review process used by the approving agency has substantially addressed the same issues and concerns that would be addressed in applicable County review and approval process.
      (4)   The approving State or Federal body or commission has made a reasonable effort to respond to concerns expressed by the County of San Bernardino and its citizens.
      (5)   The approval of the land use would not have a substantially detrimental effect on the public health, safety, and welfare.
      (6)   Approval of the land use has complied with all applicable provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
      (7)   The land use is consistent with the General Plan and any applicable specific plan.
   (b)   Acceptable Alternate Procedures.  Projects approved by the following agencies shall qualify as the alternate review authority:
      (1)   Projects approved by the Bureau of Land Management.
      (2)   Projects approved by the State Energy Commission.
      (3)   Projects approved by the State Lands Commission.
      (4)   Projects approved by the State Department of Education.
      (5)   Projects approved by the State Public Utilities Commission.
      (6)   State or Federal Water Projects.
      (7)   Projects approved by the U.S. Forest Service.
      (8)   Projects approved by the U.S. Department of Defense.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)