§ 84.28.030  Definitions.
   The definitions in this Section are intended to apply to this Chapter only.  Any term which is not specifically defined herein shall have the definition as provided by Division 10 of the Development Code or elsewhere within the County Code.
   (a)   BOOKING TRANSACTION. Means any reservation or payment service provided by a person who facilitates a short-term rental unit transaction between a prospective short-term residential rental unit renter and a short-term residential rental unit owner.
   (b)   HOSTING PLATFORM. Means a marketplace in whatever form or format, which facilitates rental of a short-term residential rental unit through advertising, match-making or any other means, using any medium or facilitation, and from which the operator of the hosting platform derives revenues from providing or maintaining the marketplace.
   (c)   INSPECTIONS—INITIAL. Means any inspection incident to the review of an application for an initial short-term residential rental unit permit.  The responsible department shall inspect the subject property, including the exterior and interior of the residential dwelling unit, to determine maximum occupancy and parking capacity for the property, and to verify compliance with the standards of this Chapter and of other applicable County Code provisions.
   (d)   INSPECTIONS—RENEWAL. Means the reinspection, upon the application for renewal of a short-term residential unit permit, of the subject property and the residential dwelling unit and other structures or improvements on the property, based on standards established by the responsible department, to ensure continued compliance with the standards of this Chapter and of other applicable County Code provisions.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, an applicant for the renewal of an expiring short-term residential rental unit permit is in the same position as a person seeking a permit in the first place and shall comply with all applicable standards of this Chapter at the time of renewal.
   (e)   POTENTIALLY AFFECTED PROPERTY OWNER. Means the owner of property that is located within the applicable distance from the short-term residential rental unit as set forth in Table 85-2 of § 85.03.080.
   (f)   RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT. Means the department or subdivision thereof designated by the Chief Executive Officer of the County of San Bernardino to implement this Chapter.
   (g)   SHORT-TERM RESIDENTIAL RENTAL UNIT OWNER. Means the owner of a property, as defined in § 810.01.170, with a single-family dwelling unit that is being used as a short-term residential rental unit; any individual or organization working on behalf of such property owner; or any individual or organization that has the legal right to rent out, or allow the occupancy of a single-family residential dwelling unit as a short-term residential rental unit.
   (h)   SHORT-TERM RESIDENTIAL RENTAL UNIT RENTER. Means an individual who enters into an agreement or is authorized by the short-term residential rental unit owner, regardless of remunerations, the use of property as a short-term residential rental unit.  Such renter is not considered a tenant or a person who hires a dwelling unit under Civil Code § 1940.
   (i)   SHORT-TERM RESIDENTIAL RENTAL UNIT. Means a residential dwelling unit or portion thereof rented or otherwise used for residential transient occupancy, as defined in § 14.0203.  A short-term residential rental unit shall not be used for any commercial activity, which includes but is not limited to weddings, wedding receptions, corporate retreats, business meetings or conferences, filming photography shoots, a fraternity party, or any other similar gathering, unless regulated under an approved County-issued permit.  Transient occupancy generally means occupancy for 30 consecutive calendar days or less.
(Ord. 4331, passed - -2017; Am. Ord. 4371, passed - -2019)