§ 84.27.080  Review Factors.
   (a)   Factors for consideration of review authority.  The review authority shall consider the following aesthetic, health, safety, and economic factors in determining whether to issue a Conditional Use Permit for a wireless telecommunications facility:
      (1)   Height of the proposed tower or antenna structure.
      (2)   Proximity of the tower to residential structures and residential district boundaries.
      (3)   Nature of uses on adjacent and nearby properties.
      (4)   Surrounding tree coverage and foliage or other existing structures.
      (5)   Design of the tower, with particular reference to design characteristics that have the effect of reducing or eliminating visual obtrusiveness.
      (6)   Proposed ingress and egress.
      (7)   Availability of suitable existing towers and other structures.
      (8)   Identification of signal coverage area.
      (9)   Comments from other agencies and parties in compliance with § 84.27.110 (Interjurisdictional Review).
      (10)   Compliance with State and Federal rules (e.g., radio-frequency emission safety rules, etc.).
   (b)   Findings Required for Conditional Use Permit Approvals.  In addition to the consideration of the factors listed in Subdivision (a), above, before approving an application for a Conditional Use Permit, the review authority shall find and justify that all of the findings required in § 85.06.040 (Findings Required) are true.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)