§ 84.27.060  Review Procedures.
   (a)   Conditional Use Permit Required.  All wireless telecommunications facility projects shall be subject to a Conditional Use Permit/Minor Use Permit in compliance with Chapter 85.06 (Conditional Use Permit/Minor Use Permit), with controversial projects requiring a public hearing before the Commission. Projects shall not be considered controversial solely on the basis of radio frequency emissions.
   (b)   Projects Exempt from Conditional Use Permit Requirement.  The following projects shall be exempt from the Conditional Use Permit/Minor Use Permit requirement and shall be subject to a Site Plan Permit in compliance with Chapter 85.08 (Site Plan Permits) provided they do not require a Variance. The limitations of § 85.08.020(b) shall not apply for projects that include any of the following:
      (1)   Any building or roof mounted antenna that does not extend above the top of the parapet wall by more than 12 feet and painted to match the structure, or that is completely screened from public view.
      (2)   Antennas mounted on or contained within other existing or proposed structures (e.g., appurtenances to existing structure, penthouses, elevator structures, parapets, steeples, signs, water tanks, pump stations, utility towers and poles, utility streetlights, ball field lighting, etc.) so as not to be readily identifiable as a wireless communication facility. This may include the replacement of an existing structure to accommodate a wireless telecommunications facility.
      (3)   The co-location of a new antenna to an existing approved support structure, or the replacement of an existing approved support structure in order to co-locate a new antenna, without an increase in height.
      (4)   Change of antennas or microwave dishes of similar construction, size, and shape on any existing facility provided that the change of antenna(s) does not result in substantial increased visibility of the structure.
   (c)   Screening Required.  Utility or accessory equipment described in Subdivision (b) (Projects Exempt from Conditional Use Permit Requirement), above, shall be screened from view from any residence or State or County maintained road in a manner that achieves compatibility with the surrounding setting.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4043, passed - -2008; Am. Ord. 4098, passed - -2010)